Laurice on Nonprofit Marketing Guide

I was recently featured on Nonprofit Marketers Guide's "A Day in the Life" series! How fun! "Laurice Grae-Hauck is a marketer passionate about social justice, art equity, and dismantling oppressive systems. And this is her typical day:"

Why Accessible Web Design Matters

36 million people worldwide are blind. So when we are talking about being welcoming and inclusionary in our work places, in our spiritual spaces, and in our marketing, we are doing a huge disservice to a large number of folks if we send out an email that is all graphics.

Yes, You Need a Style Guide

What is a style guide? A style guide is a document that outlines how your organization should look or be credited in print, web, or other media. I can't tell you what to do, but if I COULD I'd tell you to invest a few dollars or a couple of hours to clarify your organization's voice.